Youth Development

At APEX sports & events, our Youth development classes are designed to teach your kids the basics as they build their skills in their chosen sports.

Instructional Programs for young athletes

Youth Soccer - Coming Soon!
Lacrosse Development
Youth Lacrosse- Coming Soon!
Flag Football
Flag Football
YouTh FLag Football- Coming Soon!
Rugby match. Scrum
Flag Rugby
Youth Flag Rugby- Coming Soon!

Program Levels

Ages 3-4
Our introductory programs are designed around fun and imaginative games that will create an exciting and positive environment for your budding athlete to fall in love with sport. Our creative age-specific curriculum will help build a foundation for developing social and athletic values for play, teamwork, and sportsmanship, as well as motor skills and basic lacrosse concepts. Register today for one of our available 6-week clinics!

Ages 5-6
Players will have fun learning the basics, while focusing on technical skill development and building a solid base of gameplay basics within a small-sided format. Our program will introduce the fundamentals in order to achieve a high ratio of player possession time. Our curriculum addresses this crucial age for instilling love for the game, technique, and shaping confidence. Register today for one of our available 6-week clinics!    

Ages 7-8 (flag rugby only)
Sessions are designed to achieve a readiness to compete in run-of-play (flag) rugby games. Our curriculum is geared toward game environment techniques such as evading defenders, maintaining possession, spacing, loose ball practice, 1v1 attacking, player tracking and defending. Tactical game strategy concepts are introduced alongside these techniques to reflect a comfortable rugby IQ upon clinic completion. Register today for one of our two available 6-week clinics!  (*while this is a “flag-tag” program, there may be incidental contact) 


Stay tuned for information on School's Out camps at Apex!  Camps will be held on the following dates: 
November 5, 7, 8

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