Sports Performance

At APEX sports & events, our Sports Permformance training programs are designed to help your child reach their peak!

sports performance training
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Sports Performance

Sports Performance TraininG
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Sports Performance

Sports-Specific, One-on-One training

  • 1 session: $60
  • 5 sessions: $275 ($55/session)
  • 10 sessions: $500 ($50/session)

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Program Levels

Ages 8-11 years old
Strive for Progress Not Perfection! At Apex Sports & Events, our Youth Sports Performance training will be aimed at keeping kids healthy while preparing the body for the next level of athletic development. A customized program with proper age-level training designed to build coordination, teach proper body mechanics, stability, and much more. Training includes: speed, strength, agility, quickness, flexibility, balance, and power. Athletes will also learn the skills and conditioning necessary to help prevent injuries through various warm-ups, exercises, and proper running techniques. 

Ages 12-15 years old
Practice makes permanent! Our high school prep training program prepares your student-athlete to compete at a higher level. A safe and positive environment that gives each athlete the opportunity to maximize their potential. Training improves strength, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and conditioning while decreasing the risk of injury. Training includes: proper running techniques, quickness, flexibility, body control, agility, hand/eye coordination, speed, strength and power. 

High School Level
It’s earned, not given! Our Upper Classman Performance training focuses on enhancing the athlete’s overall athleticism in competition by using the latest advancements in sports science. Our educated and experienced team will raise your game to the next level by developing a sport specific strength and conditioning program improving on agility, speed, power, strength, coordination, and balance. Workouts include: change of direction, footwork, upper & lower body workouts, core exercises, speed, agility, plyometrics, and conditioning. Raise your game to the next level and become faster, stronger and more explosive through group or semi-private training sessions. 


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